Sedation for Anxious Patients

Dental Phobia

Being afraid of the dentist can mean different things to different people. It would probably help if you could work out just what it is that worries you most. Maybe the sounds and smells bring back memories of bad experiences as a child, or the thought that having treatment might hurt.

The good news is that at smile design our dentists understand their patients fears, and with a combination of kindness and gentleness they can do a great deal to make dental treatment an acceptable, normal part of life.

Sedation Dentistry

We offer IV Sedation for the patient looking for a painless dental experience. Once you’ve experienced sedation dentistry, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist again.

You’ll be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment. When the procedure is completed, you’ll have little or no memory of what was accomplished.

Because sedation is safe and predictable, we can use it to relieve your anxieties and increase your comfort while we fill your teeth, place or replace crowns or dentures, restore sore gums to good health, whiten yellow or stained teeth, fix a chipped tooth, or during virtually any other dental procedure normally done without sedation. Imagine being able to smile with confidence and chew your food without pain. No wonder so many patients say: “Sedation dentistry changed my life.”

There are many reasons 50% of the population put dental care at the bottom of the healthcare list. Some people are downright fearful while others have suffered bad experiences in the past including difficulty getting numb or a bad gag reflex. Some need extensive care and simply can’t find enough hours in the day. It’s time to rest easy. Sedation Dentistry is here!

After an initial visit with us where all your questions and concerns will be answered, we’ll schedule your sedation appointment’s). You’ll find your treatment is performed more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible. You’ll be drowsy, and unaware of the time passing by. Our specially trained team will monitor you continually throughout the appointment. The big plus? We can accomplish extensive amounts of dentistry at one time, and you’ll have little or no memory of the experience.

For anxious patients, this treatment is a miracle. Your dental health is important and need not be neglected because you are nervous. Sedation Dentistry is a simple as taking a pill.